Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Meeting Luke Donaven

Today we flew out from Vancouver airport, to Cranbrook. And guess what. Kathy McCauley, the lady that helps us with our technology was there and she said she had a surprise visitor for me. Guess who it was. Luke Donavan! i was very excited. He came all by himself, which i thought was very impressive. I got to ask him more questions about himself. I found out he lives in a kind of centre to get help when he needs it and that he just figured out he actually gets to go to the Paralymics. He wasn't sure if he was going or not because he had to get the OK from his coaches. Then to wrap things up , we all took a group picture with him. What a great surprise.

Last day in Vancouver

Today is our last day in Vancouver... it was a short trip, boy. But it sure was fun. Even more excited to go to Paralympics now! The meeting was very informative, like i told you before. Short and safe flight back. Glad to be home. See you in a couple weeks, Vancouver!

Last day in Vancouver

interview with Luke Donavan

hey, me again,
You know how i told you about that interview i had with that Disabled Skier Luke Donavon Well, here are my questions and the answers I got from him.

What is his name and Disability.
Luke Donavon. He is a Paraplegic. He was paralyzed from the T-10 vertebra after a freestyle miscalculation in Monte St.Anne, Quebec in 2002.

How did he feel when he knew he would get to ski again.
He received the injury at the beginning of the ski season. Didn't get to ski again until a year later. He was on a mission. He wanted to be like all his friends. Sad that he couldn't do what he used to be able to. took him two months to get used to that fact.

How often does he train
5 days a week. Usually in gym,pool and ofcourse on his slopes. He loves to be skiing. He is a ski machine!

How tough are the slopes
Luke has been everywhere! He is not a huge fan of Black Diamond Runs or the Terrain Park. He likes challenging blue runs. Races on Women's Olympic hill. Like to be part of the crowd, no matter how tough the slopesare

How does he feel, knowing he made it this far.
Great. He loves the anticipation of the big journey ahead of him. Not an easy road at all! Lots of tough trainers. Loves meeting all the people. Luke quotes, i never put my tail between my legs, in the face of scary and adverse situations.

Luke's ski goals are:
- Win a race in America
-To stay in top 5 Placings in in this years world cup
-get a gold in the Giant solemn
-Get a podium in Super G.
- And, ofcourse, have fun all year.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Paraylympic meeting

Today is the day that my best friend Grace and I go to Vancouver for a meeting about the Paralympics We had a 7:00 flight this morning so we stayed over night at Cranbrook and got up at 5:00. We flew to Vancouver and weère staying at a really fancy Hotel. This afternoon we met with Students live and started our meeting. We met in Canada Place and got press passes. Then we went and had a tour . Juring the Paralympics, we will be working there, putting together our projects. Its a beautiful place. I think I am going to feel like an employee , walking in there one a daily basis. YOU CAN EVEN HAVE COFFEE BREAKS. Once again I get more pumped into this exciting event. Now, we our with the whole students live group, at the first place met, and hearing a reporter, Teresa Lalonde, giving a speech. What a day!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

wheelin round town

This afternoon, I had my wheelchair out for the first time since Fall. It felt great to feel the sunshine in my face and cruising on my own. Saw lots of people and of course stopped by our favorite Quality bakery for a snack. Checked out forecast for Vancouver for tomorrow for our big meeting trip, and it going to RAIN,RAIN,RAIN. We better pack our unbrellas

Olympic Torch comes through invermere

Yesterday was a very exciting day! The Olympic torch came through my home town, (Just one block from my house. Seemed like the whole town was gathered to watch this high energy ceremony. We were dancing, singing, screaming, waving Canadian flags and having SO much fun. The MCs really showed that they were really proud to be Canadian! Then, as we looked behind us, slowly but surly, the torch was making its way through the crowd. Everyone was ecstatic. They clapped and cheered, and even tears were flowing. The town chose a wonderful man, Herman Mauthier to light the cauldron. He had a smile that literately stretched from ear to ear. It was a very emotional day for him. An emotional day for everyone! This event got me siked up for the paralympics. Now i have a pretty good idea what thee nthusiam will be like. There has never been such a big event in Invermere as this and I was proud to be there, to enjoy this breath taking celebration!
bye for now

Monday, January 18, 2010

Check out Students Live WWebsite

Have you ever checked out the Studentslive website.
This amazing program gives people like me oppourtunities to work on our media skills. in March, myself along with 23 other lucky kids get to be at the olympics- paralympic games to put our skills to work. At this international event I will be interviewing and taking pictures at the Alpine Skiing Paralympics. Three years ago i started skiing, usiing a sitski at Panorama Moutain. i love this sport and canèt wait to meet people who compete. i hope to meet and make lifelong friends. To find out more about this program check out STUDENTS LIVE

Sunday, January 17, 2010


Hi there,
Today was my first ski day of the year. I was SO excited to go. The volunteer skiers were Heather Bilodeau and Dave Penner. There were also two new volunteers originally from England. They were all a great help and we were a fantastic team. Skiing is my favorite sport of all time. Its an emotional thing for me to know i can do that, and it will be even more emotional to see and meet others skiers like me. I had a great day. i cant wait to go again two weeks today. i get a tingle in my tummy every time mysitski goes over those huge moguls i love panorama and the conditions were fabulous
Over and out
Kate The Skibunny

Monday, January 11, 2010

Hi everybody,

My name is Kate Gibbs. I am a fifteen year old lucky girl with Cerebral Palsy. I live in beautiful Invermere, British Columbia, 3 hours from Calgary, Alberta. I am part of a wonderful family including, my Mom, Judy, my Dad, Nick, and my 12 year old Sister, Natalie. Two years ago, all the grade sevens in my school, got to go skiing. And guess what?So did I! I ski in something called a Sit ski. I steer myself, and I have a fantastic ski team to help me. I still ski today. It has become one of my favorite sports. I am so interested in it, that I am going to the Paralympics to report on it. Two years ago, I went to the winter games, funded by a group called Set B.C. with my best friend Grace to report on Wheelchair basketball. It's so inspiring to watch disabled people play sports. They have so much courage and determination. Now, I get to go further with my reporting with the Paralympics. I've been in contact with a paraplegic skier, Luke Donavan, from Cranbrook B.C. He sounds like a neat guy. I am so honoured to be given g a chance like this. I will keep you posted about stuff that comes up, to help me with my journey. Bye for now.