Friday, March 26, 2010

closing ceremonies

As everything usually does, the Paralympics just had to come to an end. The closing ceremonies were in Whistler on the Sunday night. One of Tracy's friends, Dave Sharpe, worked at the games so it was nice having him with us to help us out a bit It rained at the start of the ceremonies, but right when they started, the weather got really, and the ceremony was wonderful. There were some very inspiring speeches about amazing athlete, dancing and shows. We all got globe that light up and say see you in Soshi. Soshi is in Russia and is where the next Olympics and paralympics will be. I sat at the back and got to see all the medalists come in. One of the American athletes came up to me and showed me her medal. That was cool. i got to talk to her. I felt really special then. It was another amazing night. I cried at the end of it. i couldn't believe it was over. i hated when the cauldron went out! I wanted to yell out, don't do it! Don't de light the torch. I would have given anything to go to just one more sporting event. We have all had an amazing journey these past few weeks. I will never forget this chance in a lifetime.

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