Saturday, March 6, 2010

Meeting the Sledge Hockey Team Down in Kimberly

My Paralympic adventure is coming up so soon! I Cant believe it! Anyway, last Sunday, i got to go to Kimberly, to watch a sledge hockey team practise for the Paralympics. I went with Grace, of course, my mom, my sister Nat, and my aunt Jo. Grace brought her family and her aide Sally. Kathy Mccauley joined us, our SET B.C helper. Anyway , the sledge hockey was Amazing! Even though those guys have disability's, they play hard! They bump into the sides, and wipe out just like any other hockey player would. They sit on seats, that kind of remind me of my sit ski. They sit really close to the ground, and use two hockey sticks, one to hit the puck, and one to steer themselves. The goalies shoot out the puck with there knees instead of with a puck. When the game was finished, Grace and I went in little space just out of the Arena, to talk to some of the players. Grace had some interview questions she wanted to ask, and I video taped her. Those guys are huge inspirations! Both of them have lost there legs, one guy to Cancer, and one due to a birth defect. I got to talk to one of them, and he said he has a six year old son! Now, just watching them play, was quite the show, but hearing stuff like that just blows me away! They're sure go getters that's for sure! Right before we left all the players came out, and gave each me and Grace their hockey cards with their autographs on them! This trip is just one of the lucky experience's I will have over the next few weeks. i cant wait!

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