Friday, March 19, 2010

Interview with Allan family

Part of my job as a reporter of the paralympics is to interview people about how their liking the games. While I was staying up at Whistler with the Bruns family, I thought they would make the perfect interview, because they live right by all the skiing action. So after the medal ceremonies, I sat down with them to interview them. Here is what they had to say about the Paralympics.

1. What are all your names?
Tracy Bruns, Justin Bruns, and Tegan Bruns

2.Where are you from?
Whistler B.C

3. What stands out to you most about the Paralympics rather than the Olympics
The spirit of theParalympics, says Tracey. The whole vibe of the town. At the opening we were dancing with all the athletes who are all over.

Tegan says they wont give up even though they don't have an arm or leg
special athletes Tracey says

A lot of things stand out to Justin. The athletes and Just being here is special

4. What is your favorite Para sport to watch
Since there big skiers in whistlers, of course they love the skiing. Some of their favorite types are solemn and downhill because their on the mountain that they ski on

5.What inspires you about the athletes?
They don't give up, they push their limits, They're incredible! says Justin Its pretty exciting says Tracy

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