Friday, March 12, 2010

Paralympic Torch Bearer Day!

Today I carried the Paralympic torch...
I was so excited and very nervous! Our day started at 5:30am with a briefing about fifteen other torch bearers. We introduced ourselves and told each other our stories. Then we were given our torch and we were off on our adventure. My family all gathered inside a Starbucks to stay out of the rain. At 7:50am, my best friend Grace was approaching with her lit torch! I was so proud of her! Our torches kissed and then it was my turn to go. Overwhelmed, i headed down the street! I was trying so hard to just enjoying every second of it, and make it last. At the end,i met a very cheerful man, Sam Sullivan, the former mayor of Vancouver. What a nice man he was! Cameras and reporters surrounded me. Apparently i was on the morning news1 Complete strangers were asking for a picture of me, or me next to them. I guess it was because my smile was so big! I'm so glad we bought the torch! Every time I look at that, Ill remember this very special day.
Kate Torch bearer#224

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  1. YOU bought the torch! WOW! I want to see it!