Friday, March 26, 2010

Peak to Peak Gondola

While my family and I were staying up, in Whistler, our family got to go up the Peak to Peak Gondola. It is the longest free standing gondola in the world. Its huge. It can fit about 10 people,plus an electric wheelchair. I could take my three hundred fifty wheelchair on their! Plus me was Four hundred fifty. i could get around so easily in Whistler. To get on the gondola people slowed it don for me and i could just wheel on. People there were so helpful, and everything there is so accessible too! Someone would come over to us with a trolley sort of thing that my chair could get on and they'd push me over to the gondola. Then someone would slow it down so i could get on. The ride was beautiful.. We were very high up and we could see the ski hill from far above. It felt scary almost. A gorgeous gondola and ride. Nat even got to go skiing with the Bruns family. How exciting for her! On a huge mountain! Had a great time. What a way to start winding our trip up

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