Friday, March 19, 2010

Interview with Jack Spinel

While I was on a bus, heading up to watch the skiing, I met a guy in a wheelchair, Jack Spinel. Jack is in a wheelchair due to a climbing accident. I started talking to him. He and I connected like that. Hes such a nice guy. I thought an interview from a disabled person view would be Perfect!

What is your name?
Jack Spinal

Where are you from?
The Big Island, Hawaii

What brought you to the Paralympics?
Ever since jack was a little boy, going to the Olympics was a big aspiration. But after Jack had his accident, he got more interested in the Paralympics. One day, he just got his family together, and said, we got to go.

Whats your favorite sport to watch? Why
Sit skiing. It looks really hard says jack

What do you think is the biggest difference between the Olympics and the Paralympics
Both are incredible says jack they both take an enormous amount of determination,discipline ,focus.
The Paralympics are more close to Jacks heart. i know what it feels like to have your life spun out of control says Jack. you have to refrain, rebuild. refocus. Its an opportunity to take something that's a challenge, or even tragic, and turn it into a real blessing.

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