Friday, March 26, 2010

Top 16 best thing about my paralympic trip

Now that Ièm back at home and school, everybody wants me to tell them my stories of the Paralympics. A question i often get was my favorite part of the trip. There were so many fantastic parts I couldnèt just pick just one, so, I decided to make a list of my top 16 favorite paralympic moments. Here are the nomeniees.

1.My whole family being down there with me, Mom,Dad, and sister Nat.

2. Being there with my best friend Grace and her family.

3. Carrying the Torch!

4. Opening Ceremonies

5. meeting Rick Hansen

6. meeting Sam Sullivan

7. My aunt Jo, and cousin Steph coming to stay with us for a few days.

8. Doing interview with people and typing them up on my blog.

9. Meeting Jack Oppen

10. Going to Whisler

11. Meeting Bruns family

12. Whisler ski hill

13. Meeting Diane Hollbrook ( a friend of my grandmas that lives in Vancouver

14. Staying at the Sunset inn

15. Being in Vancouver for two weeks

16 Being able to get around with my wheelchair

17. Meeting little jack ( Tracys friend 6 year old son, he is so cute!)

There were so many magical moments that happend juring the Paralympics. I am so honoured to have been there and been able to do all the things I got to do. What a lucky girl i am!

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