Saturday, March 13, 2010

Disabled Curling Rocks

Tonight at 6:00, i went to my first Paralympic event, wheelchair curling. I went with my cousin Steph, who's is staying with us for a couple days. Her and I went down to the Paralympic Centre to watch the event. We were both very excited, and very curious. I was supposed to be interviewing athlete, but i didn't know very much about the game, so today I just observed. A lady, Audrey met us outside,to give us our tickets. We got front row seats! The game was great to watch. It was amazing to see people in wheelchairs do the sport, and play this hard! The athletes get to bring their wheelchairs on the ice to play. They get a long pole to throw the puck. It has a hook that clings on to the rock. From there its just played like a able bodied game, throwing the rock into the ring. There were 8 countries, in different lanes. Canada, USA, Sweden, England, Korea, Peru, Czech Republic, and China. They all did very well, and I was excited to be there. Back at curling tomorrow with some interview questions.


  1. Sounds like fun! Did you see the message from Mrs Miller, school superintendent, asking if they could add more of your news to the district website?